Lead the way to
Healthcare in Israel

Lead the way to
Healthcare in Israel

Navigating the process of transferring your medical license requires a unique set of standards and a thorough understanding of the system. Our comprehensive guide outlines the Israeli medical licensing process, providing valuable insights and support. While it may seem demanding and occasionally frustrating, assistance is available at every step. For any inquiries, please reach out to us at MedPro@nbn.org.il.


Personalized Licensing Guidance

A dedicated staff of English, French, Spanish and Russian speaking advisors are on hand to streamline the process of transferring foreign medical licenses to Israel. The IMAP team is available to assist physicians from around the world through the process of understanding and preparing documents until the completion of the license-transfer procedure, and beyond.

Career Opportunities

There are many routes medical professionals can take to practice in Israel. IMAP helps potential physician Olim network and explore job options, communicate with potential private employers, as well as the Israeli health funds (Kupot Cholim), and renowned local hospitals. In addition, recipients will receive our expert guidance on their medical career and Aliyah-related inquiries.

Professional Connections

A deep knowledge of the Israeli medical landscape allows the IMAP medical liaisons to ensure each potential Oleh physician is connected with the relevant representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli Medical Association (IMA), who can address their specific needs.

Assistance in Israel

Arriving in Israel is just the start! Nefesh B’Nefesh and its partners are committed to ensuring the success of each Oleh. Our multi-lingual team provides workshops, events, Hebrew and Medical Hebrew learning opportunities, and access to financial assistance to help medical professional Olim integrate and thrive in Israel.

The Licensing Process

The licensing process for physicians in Israel varies depending on a few factors including the country in which one completed their medical studies, how many years one has been a licensed physician and if one has completed the internship requirement.

MedEx is the event for medical professionals considering Aliyah!

This unique event the provides medical professionals with the opportunity to meet with representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Health Licensing Division, the Israeli Medical Association (IMA), Israeli health funds (Kupot Cholim) and hospitals. The certification of your documents can only be done in person. This is the only chance you’ll get to begin the process of transferring your medical license and interview for a job in your field – all under one roof!

Considering Aliyah?

If you’re planning to make Aliyah from North America (US or Canada), you can complete the entire process through Nefesh B’Nefesh. For those making Aliyah from anywhere else, please reach out to the Jewish Agency for guidance.